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How is Parvo treated?

Without intense treatment, the victims of parvo die of dehydration. Treatment generally consists of IV or sub-cutaneous fluids and antibiotics. There is no cure. Veterinarians can only treat the symptoms palliatively, and try to keep the dog alive by preventing dehydration and loss of proteins. As there is no cure for any virus, treatment for parvo is mostly that of supporting the different systems in the body during the course of the disease. This includes giving fluids, regulating electrolyte levels, controlling body temperature and giving blood transfusions when necessary.

Dogs who have survived parvo can get it again. In the case of some puppies, a puppy testing negative for Parvo one day could succumb to the virus within a matter of days. It strikes fast and without mercy. Dr. Cathy Priddle has warned that sulfa drugs have been known to cause dehydration in dogs, suggesting that animals infected with parvovirus should not be given sulfa drugs.

You may also consult a homeopathic or naturopathic veterinarian for alternative Parvo treatments. There are some natural and homeopathic treatments for Parvo on the retail market. Amber Technology offers Parvaid, an all natural herbal formula that the manufacturer claims has helped some animals overcome Parvo.

How do I prevent the spread of Parvo?

The surest way to avoid parvo infection in your dog is to adhere to the recommended vaccination schedule which begins when puppies are 6-8 weeks of age. Puppies should not be allowed to socialize with other dogs or frequent areas where other dogs have been until 2 weeks after they have had their last vaccination. Immunization for parvo is usually included in your dog's distemper vaccine. This shot gives protection against several potentially fatal canine diseases all at the same time.

If your pet becomes infected, please keep in mind that dogs with parvo shed the virus in their feces and are extremely contagious to other dogs. Follow these recommendations to help prevent the spread of this disease.

  • Keep the infected dog isolated from all other dogs for at least one month after full recovery.

  • Clean up all the dog's stools in your yard.

  • Use a 1:30 ratio of chlorine bleach and water to clean food and water bowls (4 oz. in 1 gallon of water). Wash any bedding the dog has been in contact with in this same bleach solution and hot water. You should also try to disinfect any other areas that the dog has been, like linoleum, concrete kennels, crates, etc.

  • If you have any other dogs that are two years old or younger, or who have never been vaccinated for parvo, please bring them in for a booster as soon as possible.

  • Be sure to feed your dog a bland diet, such as Canine Prescription i/d, until he is fully recovered. When switching back to his normal diet, mix the regular food with the i/d for 2-3 days to help your pet gradually adjust to the change.

An Option for Kennel and Grounds Treatment: Consider using a hand-held propane weed burner on non-flammable exterior cement, metal, gravel or dirt ground surface. These burners are much hotter than the steam units and can be purchased retail, with the propane tank, for about $100. You can use these on grass areas also; the high heat will of course kill the grass but consider that just about any chemical you would apply to kill the Parvo virus will also kill grass, and you can always reseed your grass. I would have some concern about a steam-based system injecting warm moisture deep into the small surface crevices where the Parvo virus may reside, and if the steam temperature isn't hot enough to kill Parvo, then using steam might actually create a more friendly environment for the virus to flourish. -- Moc Klinkam, NorthWest K9

What If I've got Parvo in my home?

If you have had parvo in your home, use a strong bleach/water solution (1:30) or a veterinary disinfectant such as Parvosan or Roccal formulated specifically for control of parvovirus. Soak the yard with it -- better to kill the grass than your next dog! Be careful using it on carpets and fabrics, though. Prevent your dog from direct contact with bleach solution, residue salts, or fumes. Always wear protective gloves and clothing when handling bleach or other corrosive agents.

Parvo can live up to 6 months or so in your home or yard. Before you bring home another dog, be sure it has a strong immunity to parvo. You can have a veterinarian draw blood and run a titre to find out how well your prospective dog will fare in a parvo-infected environment. Adult dogs generally have a higher resistance than puppies do, but they need to be kept current on their vaccines. If in doubt, have your vet do the titre.

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